Predestined Productions

“Our vision is to create content to increase awareness of mental health inspired by real-life situation, to encourage the audience to live a purposeful life, and inspire hope to all”.


Demarje’ Adair is a multi-gifted native from Memphis, Tennessee. Adair is an actress, director, producer, content creator, author, motivational speaker, licensed therapist, and school counselor.

Adair started acting at a young age, performing in churches and community productions. She believed that acting was going to be her career after a day on the set of The Firm (1993). The opportunity allowed her to capture the film crew’s attention with her bubbly personality and wit. After her first experience on a movie set, Adair continued to capture hearts on performance stages, films, and 95.7 Hallelujah FM Memphis-based radio station.

While Adair performed on stages, she became the youngest school counselor in Memphis, TN and received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology in 2014. After relocating, she became a licensed therapist for the state of Texas. Adair is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

In June 2020, Adair started Predestined Productions because she wanted to make content grounded in the awareness of mental health challenges and real-life inspired stories. Her first book is titled You Will Smile Again, I Promise was released on February 17, 2020. She has written films, songs, and books that are planned for production soon.

Adair is an active dreamer that prays that her dedication and work would inspire others in many ways. She believes that her content will help heal broken hearts and show that love is the key element to get through any obstacle.



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